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How a Tool Is Made

Iron Case, Cores, Stems, and Front nuts start as either brass, stainless, or steel bar/tube stock.

Parts are machined on one of our many CNC machines.

Deflector Disks are stamped on one of our many presses.

Stainless and Brass machined parts are stocked for assembly.

Deflector disks are induction welded onto the cases and are moved to the plating department.

Steel cases, stems, and front nuts are Nickel plated to prevent corrosion.

Nickel plated parts then move to stock ready for final Iron assembly.

All of our heating elements are nickel wound around the machined cores.

Shields are installed around the element to protect shorting.

Completed Elements are burned in to set the windings and tested.

Completed elements that have passed inspection are placed in stock awaiting final iron assembly.

Elements are mated with the cases and stocked as a Heater Heads.

Iron Handles and Cords are attached to the heater head and an Iron is born.

Completed Irons are tested again and boxed for shipment.

Temperature Controllers for Branding and Soldering Irons are assembled and boxed for shipment.

Soldering Stations such as our TOT and HTC families are assembled at this station.

TOT Station chips are programed and calibrated prior to final testing.

After the stations pass inspections and a 24 hour run test, they are boxed for shipment.

Irons and station packed and excited to meet their new owners.

The Hexacon Family that makes this all possible.

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