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Hexacon ® Electric Company, founded in 1932, has earned a world wide reputation for excellence in soldering equipment. From computer controlled metal working machines to automatic plating facilities and a fully equipped metallurgy laboratory, our products are produced with the emphasis on skilled workmanship and attention to quality which our customers deserve.

Hexacon engineering is widely recognized for the many soldering product "

firsts" introduced in the industry:

  • Pioneer developer of Long-Life Iron-Plated tips

  • First industrial pencil irons

  • Innovative electronic-switching temperature-controlled soldering


  • Soldering analyzer for thermal profile engineering

  • Exclusive wave soldering quality gauges

  • First irons and tips for Surface Mount Technology

Hexacon Field Sales Engineers perform customer services, including applications engineering, seminar programs and audio visual training, unparalleled in the industry. Outstanding products and exceptional field service engineering combine to keep Hexacon the greatest name in soldering.


It’s said that variety is the spice of life, and Hexacon’s customers definitely reflect that. Our end users’ applications range from manufacturing MRI equipment to providing soldering equipment for the space program. 

Hexacon Electric has designed and made soldering tools and related  accessories since 1932. My grandfather founded the company, and we are proud to have the fourth generation, Alex, working with us to carry on our tradition of creating quality products. Products that are designed for durability, products with replaceable parts, products we make even better   as technology improves and customer needs evolve. In a world in which fully functional electronics are frequently scrapped in favor of the latest upgrade, Hexacon’s model of parts availability keeps tool maintenance costs low and enables great freedom of choice. 

Hexacon stands apart from other soldering tool manufacturers thanks to our exceptional range of soldering irons, tips and stations, and wide range of other accessories that help optimize the soldering process. 

Our soldering products have longest service life on the market today – just ask any of our customers. Hexacon’s knowledgeable employees and diverse distributors understand particular markets and supply products with superior technical and performance attributes – what we call “engineered excellence.”

Customers count on us for our creativity. Recently, a customer wanted to brand its baked goods. This application was a novelty for us – something we enjoy – so we worked with the customer to customize an innovative new way to deliver heat. 

If you’d like some help determining exactly what equipment you need for your specific application, or if you cant find what you are looking for in the webstore, please contact the factory at 908-245-6200. Browse the on-line catalog. Don’t miss the factory tour showcasing some of our processes.

2017 will mark our 85th anniversary. Such exceptional longevity stems from our pragmatic approach, commitment to high ethical, design and manufacturing standards, and our continuing drive to respond to our customers’ unique requirements to deliver heat.

I am proud to be the President of Hexacon. For our existing customers, a heartfelt thanks. For new customers, welcome.

Alex Schwaiger, Materials Manager

Alex’s career at Hexacon began at a young age stuffing circuit boards, running parts in the machine shop, and sending goods out from our shipping department. His experience in engineering/manufacturing began at Magnet high school, where he became a certified drafter and interned with the Union County Engineering Department. He majored in Economics at Rutgers University and began working at an aluminum extrusion company as a Sales Engineer.


After 3 years he returned to Hexacon full time. His current title is Materials Manager but has learned about and worked in purchasing, costing, and most recently, our plating department. He looks forward to continuing to learn the many facets of the business and taking it into the future.

Kathi Johnson, President
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