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Sponges & Trays

A properly wetted fine pore, cellulose sponge is the best way to clean soldering residues from a hot tip.  With regular use additional abrasive cleaning can become unnecessary.

Hexacon offers a wide variety of sponges and trays to meet our customer’s needs.

Sponges & Trays

Temperature Controllers

Our family of temperature controllers are designed to provide voltage control to our steady output tools.  Temperature controllers allow users to adjust iron wattage to: expand application range, provide an idle temperature when not in use, and extend the life of the heating element.  Solid state, fuse protected (on some models), and grounded these units are encased in a high impact anodized aluminum case.  Available in 550, 600, and 1000 watt models.

Temp Controllers

Hex Wik

Hex-Wik de-soldering braid quickly, efficiently, and safely removes solder from a wide range of PW boards and terminals. The joint is left perfectly clean and ready to re-solder. Hex-Wik is supplied in six practically-sized widths from .032 inches to .150 inches and in package lengths from 5 ft. to 500 ft.  Hex Wik is available Rosin Fluxed, No Clean Fluxed, Tinned Braid, and Naked Braid to meet multiple de-soldering requirements.


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Hex Wik

Heat Sinks

Nickel/Chrome plated copper tipped clips protect heat sensitive components from thermal damage.

Heatt Sinks

Mini Pots

Mini-pots are used for safely tinning and stripping small wires and parts.  These units are equipped with an integrated dross tray, easy clean porcelain base, and a non-skid low profile base to prevent tipping.  Heating elements are precision wound, fully grounded, and come standard with a neoprene burn resistant power cord.  Steady state temperatures of 500°, 600°, 700°, and 800° are available.  Custom temperatures available as a special order.

Mini Pots


The Lev Chek solder wave gauge is used on wave soldering equipment to monitor soldering quality factors including flux coverage, wave shape, wave turbulence, and conveyor leveling to enable process calibration and optimization.The specially tempered glass panel has heat resistant gauge markings are printed in 1/2" or 1" grid patterns on the upper surface. Custom grid patterns available upon request.

Holders & Stands

Soldering Holders & Stands

Using a correctly engineered stand matched to the soldering iron can greatly influence the operational life of your soldering iron and tip, allows for comfort in use, and can prevent accidental burns.

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Miscellaneous Soldering Accessories

Hexacon offers a wide range of accessories to aid general soldering, tip maintenance, and de-soldering applications. 


This category includes:

  • Solder Suckers

  • Solder Aides

  • Braid Cleaners

  • Eraser Cleaners

  • Tip Scrubbers


   Solder Suckers

Misc Soldering Acc.
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