For the stained glass craftsperson, most tools are a step up from toys - mostly plastic and intended for light use. We do a lot of soldering and can’t wait around for underpowered irons to catch up to temperature. Hexacon Irons eliminate any heat issues so we can just focus on the work.

- Ted, Theodore Ellison Design



“I am extremely sad after “ONLY” 48 years of regular frequent use the heating element of my iron has failed. It is a 40 watt 23A iron.  …offered it to me when I was 15 years old in 1968! Regarding the exceptional qualities and ruggedness of this iron I obviously want to repair it…….Thank you for the exceptional qualities of your iron.”

- D. Isberie  Lanvenegen France


“Really appreciate it. I have been using this iron since at least 1980 with the only thing replaced being the set screw and tips.  ….Actually you may want to let the dealer know that ham fests would probably be a great outlet for them. Thanks again.”

- Bill

“I have one of your older model soldering stations that my grandfather left me when he passed away. I need a new tip for it. The one that came with it was never replaced. I use it at work.”

 - S. Hartline, TOT user

“Your product is great. I have been using this soldering iron with the same tip for over 25 years. I had to replace the heating element in 1990 and the tip in 2007. That is a great record of reliability especially in this throw away society.”

- G. Judson, 30 H user



“I am the proud owner of one of your fifty watt irons that was bought in the middle nineteen sixties. It gave me dependable and reliable service until April 30 of this year. It finally died. I work at the Daily News as an electrician. This iron repaired a lot of equipment over the years including a couple of times it was soldering over forty eight hours straight to complete the job.  The other day I was soldering communication cable when the iron got cool not thinking that there was trouble with the iron I checked to see if someone unplugged the extension. That is how reliable your product is. …I just called and ordered another iron of the same type as I had.  I thank you for making an extremely reliable product that is made in the good old United States.”

- S. German, 23 A user

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