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Stations available for sale now.

PDF Spec Sheet Available HERE

RetroFit also available for existing stations.

New Product Part Numbers:

  • TOT-1002+ Therm-O- Trac Soldering Station, Plus

  • TOT-2300+ Magnum Soldering Station, Plus

  • TT-11-2+ Thermocouple Assembly, Plus

  • TT-PCA+ Printed Circuit Assembly, Plus

  • TT-10- 2+ Iron Assembly, TOT-1002+

  • TT-18- 2+ Iron Assembly, w/cord TOT-1002+

  • TT-10- 3+ Iron Assembly TOT-2300+

  • TT-18- 3+ Iron Assembly w/cord TOT-2300+

Sensor technology improvement – Old thermistor was replaced by a Thermocouple and shows new description above. A digital circuit replaces the old circuit and new PCA part number shown above.

Pricing is unchanged for both 1002 and 2300 Magnum stations. Older units may be upgraded. Retrofit package includes new circuitry, new sensor and new element and brings old design up to date. Upgrading your soldering stations allows you to transition to a thermocouple sensor and new digital circuitry. Retrofit package available at less than the cost of a new station. $196.75.


Hexacon Distributors Request Artwork for website promotion. 


Demonstration Policy - Hexacon Sales Representatives will have demo equipment available for evaluation. To initiate demo contact Hexacon at Select distributors will have access to demo equipment for end users evaluations.

Hexacon Industrial Soldering and Branding Irons are characterized for their rugged and powerful capacity to provide continuous duty and fast heat recovery for many different applications in the industry. Steady output irons generate a certain amount of heat based upon its wattage.


Temperature control regulates the incoming voltage to the soldering or branding tools, giving more temperature variability than when used as a steady output iron alone. Reliable temperatures produce consistent marks when used for branding.


TC-600 is an economical and powerful controller capable of working with irons up to 600 watts of power. TC-600 can also be used to lower the temperature of your tools in between tasks resulting in a longer life of your heating element and tool.


TC-600 Compatible Hexacon Irons


SI-P35, SI-P115/155, SI-P151/152, SI-P200, SI-P250, SI-P300, SI-P550, BI-225/225B,  BI-350 and BI-500

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